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SOS TULSA Secular Organization for Sobriety - Tulsa, An Alcohol and Addiction Recovery Group
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Thirteen Maxims of Secular Sobriety

  1. Life Vest GraphicTo break the cycle of denial and achieve sobriety, we first acknowledge that we have become chemically dependent and that the consequences of that dependency are unacceptable.
  2. We accept that we will probably need some outside help in achieving abstinence, because we have been unsuccessful in previous attempts to resist our desire to drink or use drugs.
  3. Sobriety and drug abstinence is our priority, and we are each responsible for our lives and our sobriety.
  4. We will approach sobriety one day at a time because we know we can do something for 24 hours which might overwhelm us if we thought we had to keep it up for a lifetime.
  5. We accept, and reaffirm daily, that in order to get better we will probably have to refrain from any use of drugs or alcohol, because any use will very likely lead us to more and then a return to our pervious addiction.
  6. We share anonymously and in confidence with each other our thoughts and feelings as sober, clean individuals.
  7. We surrender all ideas of perfection for ourselves and others and our first goal is to learn to accept ourselves as we are, fallible yet worthwhile human beings.
  8. We place a high value on the principles of rationality, learning, objectivity, forgiveness, compassion, and respect for self and others.
  9. Since life is filled with uncertainties, we do not drink or use regardless of feelings, circumstances, or conflicts.
  10. Recognizing that we do not have complete control over our destinies but are not completely "powerless" over our lives, we will "change the things we can change, accept those things we can't change, and seek the wisdom to know the difference."
  11. Since drinking or using drugs is probably not a wise choice for us, we take whatever steps are necessary to continue our sobriety lifelong. Having gained a reasonable expectation that we can live meaningful lives without alcohol or drugs, we may gradually separate ourselves from our recovery group with the understanding that we may return at any time.
  12. We accept that there are no perfect solutions to life's problems; therefore, we are willing to take risks to promote healthy personal growth--- using such tools as journal writing, support groups, psychotherapy, self-study, confiding in others, amends and restitution, and the risk of loving others.
  13. We recognize the need of many others for a secular recovery plan, so we will offer these ideas to them as a way of providing a secular sobriety alternative.