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SOS TULSA Secular Organization for Sobriety - Tulsa, An Alcohol and Addiction Recovery Group
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Thirteen Maxims of Secular Sobriety
SOS Sobriety Toolkit
Just For Today
Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
Symptons of Inner Peace
Let Go
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Information Library

The following materials are made available to you to help in your recovery:

  • Thirteen Maxims of Secular Sobriety
    These maxims offer a person in recovery a method of achieving their ultimate goal.
  • SOS Sobriety Toolkit
    Some guidelines have been provided on how to cope with the challenges facing those in recovery.
  • Just For Today
    Some goals are provided for those to achieve recovery - one day at a time
  • Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
    A short biography written by someone who's been there, done that.
  • Symptons of Inner Peace
    How do you know you're recovery is successful? These "symptons" are provided so that you'll have some idea of what to expect.
  • Let Go
    How to let go so that your recovery is successful.
  • Poem
    A humorous little ditty that reminds us just how far we can fall.