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The Secular Organizations for Sobriety, a support organization for people recovering from alcohol and drug abuse. Meetings will be held every week:

"Equality Center SOS"

  • 7pm Mondays
  • Equality Center (4th and Kenosha, downtown Tulsa, 621 E. 4th)
  • Their web site:

"Cabin Connection"

  • Thursday 7 PM
  • Hope Unitarian Church Cabin (8333 S. Sheridan)

"Life After Drugs Group"

  • Saturdays 6 PM
  • Church of the Restoration UU (1314 N. Greenwood)

Bryce House

  • Wednesdays at 7pm
  • Bryce House at 1214 S. Baltimore (west of the Boston Avenue Methodist Church)


Lifesaver GraphicS.O.S., also known as "Save Ourselves, or Saving Ourselves" was founded by Jim Christopher in 1986 in North Hollywood, California. It is a friendly alternative to such organizations as Alcoholics Anonymous, which many people feel have a religious/spiritual basis to its recovery program. S.O.S. takes a strictly secular approach, emphasizing that each individual must draw upon his or her own resources to deal with the problems of addiction: hence the name "Save Our Selves."

For further information, you may call or email Larry H. (918-809-1152; A flyer announcing the new S.O.S. group and a map telling how to find the meeting place is available.

A website pertaining to the national organization of SOS can be found at"