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SOS Tulsa Meeting Format

The following is the typical format we use in our meetings at both SOS locations.

Welcome to SOS. My name is _______ and I am an _______ (addict/alcoholic). I have been asked to lead tonight's meeting. May we open the meeting with a moment of reflection on those individuals adversely affected by the disease of addiction/alcoholism?

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Secular Organizations for Sobriety (or Save Our Selves) is dedicated to providing a path to sobriety, an alternative to those paths depending on supernatural or religious beliefs. SOS was founded to provide a neutral ground where the alcoholic/addict can safely explore a secular path to recovery. We respect recovery in any form, no matter which path achieves it. Our focus is on the priority of abstaining from alcohol and other mind-altering drugs.

Also, we respect diversity, welcome healthy skepticism, and encourage rational thinking as well as the expression of feelings. We each take responsibility for our individual sobriety on a daily basis.

This is a sobriety meeting. Our focus is on the priority of abstaining from alcohol and other mind-altering drugs. At this meeting, please learn to use the terms I-me-my and refrain from using terms you-we-you must-we must-we should-you need to- as we can only say what works for us as individuals.

We respect the anonymity of each person in this room. This is a self-help, non-professional group. At this meeting, we share our experiences, understandings, thoughts, and feelings.


Ask for announcements from the group.

Announce new literature, meeting schedules, etc. Computer-printed documents on the table are free, as is the meeting schedule. Email reminders about SOS meetings can be obtained by sending a request to any e-address on the SOS flyer.

Coffee is available.

Please help clean up at the end of the meeting.

A smoking break is not a part of our meeting, but if you wish to smoke, try to leave and return to the meeting without disrupting the person sharing.

The meeting ends at _______ (1pm/7 pm/8pm/9pm).

Anniversaries will be covered at the end of the meeting.


Principles: I have asked a volunteer to read our "General Principles of SOS" (optional)

guidelines: I have asked _______ to read the suggested "Guidelines for Sobriety."

Guidelines for Sobriety

To break the cycle of denial and achieve sobriety, we first acknowledge that we are alcoholics or addicts

We re-affirm this truth daily and accept without reservation - one day at a time - the fact that as clean and sober individuals we cannot and do not drink or use, no matter what;

Because drinking or using is not an option for us, we take whatever steps are necessary to continue our sobriety priority lifelong;

A quality of life, "the good life," can be achieved… however, life is filled with uncertainties… therefore, we do not drink or use regardless of feelings, circumstances, or conflicts;

We share in confidence with each other our thoughts and feelings as sober, clean individuals.


Anniversaries: We celebrate various lengths of sobriety in these meetings. Is there anyone here with a landmark of sobriety or clean time? 30, 60, or 90 days? Is there anyone here with 6 months? 9 months? Is there anyone celebrating a yearly anniversary this week? If you have an anniversary coming up, please let me know after the meeting and we will prepare a celebration for that date.

Closing: This group is self-supporting. If you can make a contribution, we will use it to defray the cost of rent, refreshments, and other expenses. (pass the basket)

As a reminder, our next SOS meeting will be _______ (Thur./Sat.) at the _______ (Hope Unitarian cabin/12 and 12). Also, keep in mind that gossip and criticism of one another hurts both the target and perpetrator of such information. Please keep all you have heard here and whom you have seen here confidential.

We do not usually pray as a group at the end of our meetings, but we encourage everyone in the room to share with one another one-on-one or in informal groups after we close and to exchange hugs where appropriate. Let's close the meeting by giving ourselves a hand for being here to support and celebrate each other's sobriety.


Thank you. Finally, as we like to say, "Let's close the meeting with hugs and no drugs."